How To Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly

How To Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly

As a shipping company that hauls deliveries across the country, you shouldn’t have to worry about the consistency of your trucks. Serving the entire United States, things can obviously get tricky, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At National Truck Emergency Road Service (ERS), we specialize in handling unusual circumstances and extreme situations your fleet may find itself in. To make sure your crew doesn’t find themselves in these adverse scenarios, follow these pieces of advice. Some may seem a bit obvious, but they are well-worth thinking seriously about.

Woman truck driver looking out the drivers side window of truck

Hire the Best

Inspect your fleet and regularly review your team to assure yourself that the people who are spending the most time with your vehicles are treating them properly. If you find that your drivers have not been checking their oil and tire pressure on long trips or haven’t been carefully driving on their routes, then it is probably time to rotate in a new driver who you can trust. You need a team that can manage your fleet by conducting mechanical tasks as well as driving safely to avoid any costly accidents.

Big rig pro long haul blue semi truck tractor transporting commercial cargo in refrigerator semi trailer going on the wet glossy road with water from melting snow and winter snowy trees on the side.

Stick to Routines

Routines make operations easier with time. By developing habits throughout your fleet, you can increase your productivity by becoming more attuned to your vehicles and responsibilities. With everyone sticking to their jobs, confusion will be minimized so your crew can function smoothly.

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Routine Maintenance

Assuring that your fleet doesn’t have any red flags prior to any road trips is essential. Performing inspections and routine maintenance on your trucks regularly will help reduce any emergencies your drivers come across on the job. With so many long drives across the country, your fleet’s tires are likely to deteriorate faster than normal. Actively keeping an eye on the wear and tear of vehicles is crucial because you need to identify any issues your vehicles have before they make themselves known on the highway.

Modern popular powerful yellow big rig semi truck with a refrigerator trailer transports frozen food products from California to Oregon in the scenic highway among mountain passes rising above the distance.

Mobile Services from NTERS

When your vehicles malfunction on the open road, your last line of defense to keep your fleet running smoothly is to call National Truck ERS. Our experienced technicians are stationed across the country in big cities and small towns, so we can help you with mobile truck repairs and other areas of truck roadside assistance. Qualified in both domestic and foreign vehicles, our mechanics can assist your fleet with any form of commercial truck repair to get your drivers up and running fast. Whether you need to be towed or repaired, our team is prepared to help.

Delivery fleets silently keep our nation running, so it is imperative that the fleets themselves are operating smoothly. If your crew ever finds itself in need of emergency assistance, contact National Truck Emergency Road Service so our trained staff can respond quickly and professionally.

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