Fleet Maintenance
Two things are very important in the transportation industry. Safety for your drivers while on the road and customer satisfaction with their logistical needs. At National Truck Emergency Road Service, we understand the importance of getting your drivers back on the road safely and efficiently. With our in-house technical assistance, we have the confidence to help you keep your customers satisfied. Expertise and quality are the backbone of our business. We take pride in our ability to handle all of your vehicle maintenance and breakdown needs. We hope you will consider our services the next time you need fast reliable roadside assistance. As an added service to offer our customers, we also offer a full line of services for passenger vehicles. Utilizing our exclusive vendor network and experience, we offer

  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Custom fleet maintenance solutions
  • Rural & Urban coverage in North America
  • Trained staff of breakdown assistance providers
  • Passenger vehicle services

You are the Priority
Whenever we dispatch a vendor for your service our dispatchers are always sure to contact all partnered vendors, dealerships, and OEMs in your local area. We make sure that before we ever dispatch we weigh all the options and pass the fair rates and quickest ETAs on to you.

Faster Than the Rest
Getting your drivers back on the road is the most crucial part of the entire service. Whenever we dispatch we make for certain that whoever we are sending will be able to take care of anything your vehicle needs while getting their as fast as possible.

We work with the Best
We have been building our Vendor Network Program the past twenty-nine years and have developed relationships with some of the best vendors in the country. Partnering with vendors across the country has made it so we can provide service in the country cost efficiently while always being timely. Whenever we have complaints about our partners they are always recorded and passed to management to make sure we get to the bottom of the situation. This makes sure that we are always working with reliable and reputable people.