About National Truck Emergency Road Service

Founded in 1990, National Truck Emergency Road Service has been one of the most reliable 24-hour emergency road service companies from coast to coast.

National Truck Emergency Road Service is available 24 hours a day for roadside assistance, towing, and preventative maintenance, just call 1-866-237-7203 for a live representative to assist with any breakdown nationwide with uncompromised quality and performance.

With National Truck Emergency Road Service your company can focus on freight deliveries and customer satisfaction. Here at National Truck Emergency Road Service we understand that you are in business to serve your customers in a timely manner. Combined with years of experience, technical expertise, and commitment we will increase productivity and cut costs, ultimately putting your company in a position to thrive.

When you are running a business that requires a fleet of trucks or a single truck, each truck is the lively hood of your business. Maintaining an efficient fleet is a complex and time-consuming task. National Truck Emergency Road Service has 30 years’ experience of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for any size fleet.

With operating costs going up, National Truck Emergency Road Service can help save you money with our centralized billing process, electronic invoicing, and discounted rates through our vendor network program of over 70,000+ qualified technicians nationwide. This will help keep your costs low by quickly and accurately identifying and resolving problems.

We offer programs that allow us to conform our database according to our customer’s needs. We work with you, providing solutions for your company, ensuring that you get the best service possible. We also offer annual, semi-annual, and quarterly preventative maintenance packages for your fleet.

National Truck Emergency Road Service has professional and knowledgeable technical service representatives that are dedicated to reducing your downtime 24 hours a day. All calls are managed start to finish by our staff, with the customer being updated, this will ensure your driver receives the best service possible. National Truck Emergency Road Service always strives to deliver a level of service you would expect when in need of emergency roadside assistance. First and Foremost, consideration is to get the vehicle mobile again safely, and in the shortest possible time.

National Truck Emergency Road Service is an extension of your company, keeping your costs down and minimizing your down time. Our reputation has developed strong customer relationships through our personal attention and quality customer care. Service is our business and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

Our company provides quality, dependable 24-hour emergency roadside assistance throughout the nation. Most breakdowns can be repaired on site or at the customer’s desired location. In the event your fleet can not be repaired on site we have thousands of A.S.E certified shops nationwide.

If service is not immediately available from the closest service unit location, an estimate of response time will be given to assist you in evaluation of arrival time, we strive to have our technicians on site with your driver within an hour of dispatch time.

We offer service to our customers with no membership fees or sign up fees. No fees are ever incurred prior to our technicians being dispatched, making National Truck Emergency Road Service the most cost-effective nationwide fleet management and roadside assistance provider.

National Truck Emergency Road Service provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services to private and for-hire commercial fleets. Our goal is to help our customers improve their business by minimizing downtime and maintenance events, while also achieving best-in-class preventive maintenance compliance at the lowest total cost. Our programs manage the service and maintenance process 24/7, 365 days a year. National Truck Emergency Road Service specializes in servicing domestic or foreign commercial equipment with both diesel and gas engines, so you can rest assured knowing your emergency roadside assistance and fleet maintenance needs are taken care of.

In the transportation industry, ensuring the safety of your drivers and meeting the logistical needs of your customers are crucial. However, unexpected situations can force truck drivers to rely on emergency roadside services. At National Truck Emergency Road Service, we understand the significance of promptly and securely getting your drivers back on the road. We have an in-house technical team to assist you at every step and ensure driver satisfaction. Our team prides itself on its ability to promptly and competently handle vehicle maintenance and breakdown needs, while also providing guaranteed work and customer satisfaction with our one-hour response time. Whether it's roadside services or commercial truck repair, National Truck Emergency Road Service is the go-to service provider.

National Truck Emergency Road Service is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results for companies across the country. We rely on a network of over 60,000 skilled vendors to aid your team in their time of need. Our comprehensive range of services includes light and heavy-duty towing services, equipment transportation, winch-out, and recovery services, even in the most adverse conditions. We strive to provide the fastest and most efficient solutions at the most competitive rates, ensuring that you receive the help you require.

Efficient and profitable fleet management requires all components to work in sync with each other. However, trailers may experience unexpected maintenance or repairs due to heavy loads, steep terrain, and bumpy surfaces. National Truck Emergency Road Service provides professional services to help overcome any trailer-related issues.

At National Truck Emergency Road Service, we understand the importance of keeping your truck running and minimizing downtime. That's why we offer reliable fuel delivery services to keep your truck fueled up and running. Additionally, our load swap services allow for a smooth and timely exchange of loads, ensuring that you can get back to your route quickly.