Of course, routine maintenance is the first step to protecting against costly breakdowns – you don’t need to be an expert in automotive engineering to know that. But when your fleet is constantly on the road, logging hundreds of thousands of long-distance miles every year, or experiencing extremely high engine idle times, maintaining equipment is often easier said than done. And though many large-scale transportation companies have their own full-time service technicians, it’s not always feasible for fleet operators to bring their vehicles in for routine service. Which is where we come in.

After decades of helping some of the nation’s largest companies keep their vehicles running at their best, we’ve established a network of mobile, on-site and in-shop service providers, helping our clients protect their vehicles from the ravages of the road and extending the life cycle of their fleets. Offering A, B and C level preventative maintenance programs, as well as DOT inspections at locations across the nation, our goal is to help ensure compliance at the Federal and State levels. Starting with a competitive pricing structure, our maintenance schedules and vehicle management procedures are designed to ensure compliance and complete confidence in the safe and efficient operation of your vehicles.

Already managing almost 200,000 vehicles cruising the highways and byways of the American landscape, we’re the trusted fleet services provider of the nation. Find out why by scheduling a fleet service assessment with one of our representatives today.