Truck drivers have the critical role of supplying our country with all of the food, products, and materials needed to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, problems such as aggressive drivers, mechanical failures, and more can impact the safety of your team, and the profitability of your efforts. It’s important to stay prepared while on the road, which is why we’ve prepared these five tips to help you keep your drivers safe.

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Focus on Personal Health

Regardless of the safety tips below, your drivers will not be able to stay safe and productive if they are not healthy enough for the job. One of the most important things to focus on is proper sleep and alertness. Drowsy driving can prove to be very dangerous, especially if you are in control of more than 70,000 pounds!

A study by the Harvard School of Medicine found that more than half of the 250,000 participants polled admitted to driving while drowsy, while an additional 25% admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. Despite modern regulations on logging hours, drivers can still find themselves getting sleepy while at the wheel. Be sure that you and your team are healthy, awake, and alert before hitting the open road.

Practice Safe Driving Measures

The roads seem to be more hectic than ever, making it even more important for drivers with large commercial vehicles to practice defensive driving. Be sure to follow the basics of safe driving, including leaving enough room for drivers in front of you, following all posted traffic signs, checking your blind spots, and exercising proper caution in construction zones. Try to avoid interacting with aggressive drivers, and be sure to exercise patience to help reduce any road rage.

Perform Regular Vehicle Inspections

One of the best ways to catch and prevent a problem on the road is to diagnose it before you leave the lot. Pre-checks are important as standard protocol in the industry, but it never hurts to frequently check your brakes, lights, and other features before you head out. You can get in the habit of completely checking your rig from the top down to minimize the chances of dealing with a surprise breakdown later on. This will also help to keep your vehicle safe to operate, generating more peace of mind for you and other drivers.

Generate a Safety Plan

One in-office way to ensure that your drivers are as safe as possible on the road is to generate your own safety program. This can be as simple as organizing weekly meetings to discuss safety tips. You can also create a clear hierarchy for who to contact in the event of an emergency, as well as the checklist for how to respond in such situations. You can designate a safety officer or take on the role yourself to ensure that everyone is up to speed on all regulations.

Be Ready in the Event of a Breakdown

The nature of the business makes a breakdown inevitable, putting you or your drivers at risk while they are on the side of the road. Being stranded with a non-operational vehicle can be frustrating, dangerous, and bad for your bottom line. It’s important to be prepared for this event, including the use of emergency lights, illuminating triangles, and more. A phone is also vital for calling for fast and effective assistance. You must also practice roadside safety practices, which include safe parking, exiting from the passenger side, and more. 

Rely on a Proven Roadside Assistance Program

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