Commercial drivers earn their living on the open road. While this job can provide a sense of freedom and control over your career, surprise problems can occasionally occur and cause stress and concern. You rely on your truck, van, or fleet to provide fast and reliable services, meaning that a roadside breakdown can prove costly.

It’s important to find the right provider for emergency roadside assistance, as well as a variety of other on-road services. If you are in the market for a new truck roadside service provider, then keep reading to see what the National Truck team can do for you!

Our truck repair specialists offer the networking skills and partnerships needed to keep your fleet safe and running smoothly. Learn more about the value behind our truck services before signing up today!


Whether you’re dealing with a flat tire, dead battery, or any other issue which can cause problems on the roadway, it is important to find a truck service provider with a record for reliability. Dealing with inconsistent or poorly trained technicians may lead to frustration, confusion, and worst of all, a lack of solution for your problem.

Since 1990, our 24-hour emergency road service company has worked to generate fast, effective responses for all of our professional clients. We know how to respond to each situation with dedication and skill, and guarantee satisfaction with our services!


The worst mistake you can make is to select a roadside assistance provider without the training or tools to provide the right services. National Truck relies on vendors from all over the country, ensuring that we will have the right repair and maintenance services when you need them.

A few of our most common roadside services include:

  • Lockouts (spare keys made if needed)
  • Tire repairs
  • Trailer repairs
  • Jump starts
  • Fridge & heater repairs
  • Fuel deliveries


Whether you need a winch-out of a tough spot or you simply need to transport equipment without the hassle of utilizing your equipment, National Truck can arrange the right recovery services for the job.


You may be able to sign up for a premium truck service provider to keep your fleet up and profitable, but what’s the point if your hard-earned money is all going to your support professionals? National Truck is here to provide roadside assistance, preventative maintenance, and more, all without the high costs or unnecessary billing. Our service has no enrollment, sign-up, or membership fees, ensuring that you benefit from the most cost-effective solutions available!



Time is money, especially if you are spending your time out of commission counting the minutes. Roadside assistance can be the key in helping you turn an unpleasant surprise into a thing of the past. Our services rely on fast and timely communications to ensure that you benefit from a quick turnaround. You can track your technician’s progress with up-to-the-minute updates to ensure that you’re never left guessing.


Your chosen truck road service professionals may be on-the-spot and efficient when you are operating within a certain radius, but keep in mind that some roadside assistance programs may not be able to provide the right coverage based on where your deliveries take you.

National Truck offers a comprehensive network of more than 60,000 vendors, ensuring that you have the right support whether you’re in the big city, the farmlands, or anywhere in between. We promise complete support across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, delivering satisfaction to busy professionals who rely on their fleet for success.


You are putting your trust and the heart of your business into another’s hands when it comes to mobile repairs or other roadside services, which is why it is important to certify that you are working with the right professionals for the job. Repair technicians who are not trained to take on the repairs for your make and model may end up costing you more in the long run!

National Truck Emergency Road Service offers truckers roadside assistance with the peace of mind in knowing that only approved, ASE-certified technicians are on the job.


Ultimately, you want complete peace of mind in knowing that all of your current and future fleet needs are met. Setbacks on the road can prove to be troublesome and costly, impacting the quality of your services and the positive recognition of your brand. National Truck has been helping drivers with our truck services for more than 30 years, and we’re confident that you’ll have no regrets in working with our team.


No matter your vehicle type or fleet needs, it’s essential to rely on a truck road service provider with the partnerships and services to get your truck and trailer repaired and back on the road. Let National Truck Emergency Road Service take care of the logistical support for your roadside assistance!

Ready to see how effective our truck repairs and other services can be? Contact us online!