What Can Our ASE-Certified Technicians Do for You?

National Truck Emergency Road Service is a company dedicated to helping and supporting truckers and fleets while they are on the road. As you know, trucks and fleets can face numerous problems as they perform their jobs, from a flat tire to sliding off the road in an ice storm. It's extremely important to have a reliable, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance company to help you with all of your needs. You need to know that with one phone call, your semi-truck in Topeka, Kansas, can get a tow to the nearest semi-truck repair shop or your fleet vehicle in Alpine, Texas, will have a reliable mechanic to diagnose and offer repairs. This is why we only partner with ASE-certified technicians.

One of the most common questions we get from customers is, "What is an ASE-certified technician and how does that benefit me?" Below, we'll answer that question. Contact our team for your free consultation to see how our truck repair and service company can help you today!


ASE, or National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, was founded in 1972 as an independent, non-profit dedicated to upping the ante of automotive services across the nation. At that time, it was extremely hard for customers to find a competent automotive technician. Thus, their mission is to certify both individuals and shops in order to reassure customers that the automotive shop they are choosing has been verified to offer reliable automotive repairs and services.


ASE certification requirements can be extensive, and there are different automotive and truck class certifications that can be earned. There are also collision repairs and refinishing certifications, parts specialists, school bus and transit bus certifications, and truck equipment certifications. In addition, there are different levels one can earn, such as a Master Automotive technician.

For those wishing to earn ASE certification, you have to pass a test, and technicians have to have at least two years of on the job training or one year of job training and a two-year degree in automotive repair. The tests are rigorous, with only about 66% of those who take it passing. An automotive technician has to re-test every five years in order to retain their certification. This is mainly due to the fact that automotive technology changes so much that ASE wants to ensure that their technicians are up-to-speed on these changes. After all, people rely on this certification when choosing an automotive technician.

As mentioned above, there are many specialties you can become certified in, such as engine repair, brakes, electrical systems, engine performance, and medium/heavy duty trucks as well. Master certification involves being certified in all of these special areas for your field. Master technicians are considered experts in the automotive repair and service areas.


Today, there are almost 300,000 automotive technicians and service professionals that hold ASE certifications of one sort or another. As you can see from above, these professionals work in all areas of the automotive industry and not just auto repair shops. Customers can have peace of mind when choosing an ASE-certified automotive technician that they will have their automotive needs taken care of.


While there are a lot of ASE-certified technicians, there are not as many certified for medium/heavy trucks. This means that you may have to spend a bit of time finding one in your area, and if you are traveling and break down, this could be a while. When you partner with National Truck Emergency Road Service, we have done the searching for you, and when you call us, we only use ASE-certified technicians for your truck or fleet repair. We want to ensure you are taken care of to the highest standards, and ASE certification prepares automotive technicians to meet those standards.

We offer a wide variety of vehicle maintenance, repair, and other services. These include towing, winch outs, locksmith services, jump starts, trailer repair, tire and equipment repair, fuel delivery, and truck swaps. With so many services, experience and competence is extremely important when it comes to your automotive needs. ASE does an excellent job of ensuring those they certify are the best of the best, which is why we have chosen to partner with these technicians. It also shows a level of commitment and professionalism for those who choose to become ASE-certified.


National Truck Emergency Road Service's mission is to ensure your fleet and trucks stay moving so you can keep serving your customers. We offer a wide range of services so that no matter your need, you are covered. Out on the road, anything can happen, and it's important to be able to make one phone call and have any problem you have covered quickly and efficiently. This offers incredible peace of mind and security, not only to the small business owner, but also to the employees who are on the front lines.

Our process is simple. When you need help, no matter if your call stalled or you got in an accident, you give our team a call. We are open 24-hours a day and work with those who can help you with emergency roadside assistance at any time as well. You will speak with one of our friendly technical service advisors who will ask you questions and understand your situation. This helps us to determine which of our service providers to call to get you the help you need the fastest. We then call those in our extensive network to get you the help you need. We offer all of our customers an app that will track the progress of your help and confirm costs for you. Your drivers pay nothing and are back on the road in no time. Instead, we handle all of the invoicing and billing, so your drivers can focus on their jobs.

If you are interested in our truck repairs and services, call a team member today!