5 Signs You May Need Truck Repairs In the Future

As a private driver or fleet operator, you are responsible for ensuring that your rig and equipment are in optimal condition. Regular maintenance and care can help to minimize the chances of suffering a costly breakdown on the road; yet despite these best efforts, issues still may arise. If you are preparing for a long haul and notice any of the signs mentioned below, we recommend scheduling an inspection for repairs to ensure that you and everyone around you are safe on the road.

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Turning Troubles

Commercial trucks are massive compared to passenger vehicles and should be inspected regularly to help minimize the risk of on-road failures. One point to check on a regular basis is the condition of your tires. Drivers who notice difficulty in turning or experience excess vibration should quickly assess their tires, as misaligned or damaged tires can cause problems. Your truck should be able to move with minimal body roll, so be sure to address any changes or unusual sensations!

Be sure to address any cornering or turning issues you find, and achieve peace of mind in knowing that National Truck offers comprehensive tire services to get you back on the road, and fast! One call ensures that you get the tire repairs and replacements you need (including if you have a tire preference!).

Faltering Fuel Economy

Driving long distances with ideal fuel economy can add up for your business. If you notice that you're spending more time and resources filling up your tank, then it may be time to call a mechanic. This is normally due to a minor issue such as damaged sensors or a clogged air filter, but may also indicate more serious problems such as the fuel injectors.

Exhaustive Emissions

Changing colors can prove problematic when it comes to your exhaust. An influx of black smoke may indicate too rich a fuel combination for combustion, likely from problematic fuel injectors. Blue or gray smoke may be due to oil burning in the engine, possibly from leaks along critical seal points. White smoke indicates that your truck is not burning enough fuel, and may be a sign of coolant leaking into the engine. Regardless of the issue, it’s recommended to get any changes in exhaust color checked by a professional.

Leaking Liquids

While some liquids can leak without too much concern from most passenger vehicles, big rigs should never have leaks. If you notice any sort of liquid beneath your vehicle, it is highly recommended to take it in for an inspection and repair. Engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are among the most common causes of leaks, and can prove problematic if left unaddressed.

Grinding Gears

Whether you have 10 gears, 18, or any variation in between, you’ll likely begin to notice trouble when you are shifting gears. Long-distance truckers should address transmission issues right away to minimize the damage and cost of repairs. If you have noticed some grinding or jerking when you shift, then it is likely time to schedule maintenance.

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