Do you offer roadside assistance?

National Truck Emergency Road Service specializes in coordinating fast and effective roadside assistance. We know that time is money, and will work to provide a solution for your situation, including our truck towing and recovery services, winch-outs, fuel deliveries, mobile repairs, vehicle lockouts, tire changes, load swaps, and more. We’ve seen nearly every type of emergency over the years, and our team is trained to help you get to your destination with minimal disruption.

What is your coverage area?

Our roadside assistance program is available from coast to coast, including Puerto Rico and parts of Canada. No matter where you are located or where your route takes you, National Truck can find the right professional in your area to ensure a smooth, timely resolution. Our network enables us to assist drivers in bustling cities, rural areas, and more.Does it cost any money to utilize your truck road services?No! Our services are available to anyone with no membership fees, no enrollment fees, and no sign-up fees. Payments are simple and easy to manage through our app, giving you full control over your roadside services. National Truck ERS strives to provide the best service with utmost transparency, allowing you focus on growing your business.

How does your process work?

Our process relies on a singular point of contact for you to work with from start to finish. This Technical Service Advisor (TSA) holds over 200 hours of extensive training in semi roadside repair solutions and dispatching, ensuring you get the right service and equipment for the job with minimal disruption to your timetable. Your TSA will dispatch a qualified technician in close proximity for fast results. You can rely on our app for GPS tracking and repair diagnosis to accurately track your progress and confirm the costs. Once the repairs are done, you can get back on the road, as our team will handle the invoice and record keeping.

How can I be sure that you’ll send the right technician?

After more than 30 years in helping companies repair and maintain their commercial vehicles, National Truck has built a network of more than 60,000 qualified vendors. We exclusively use ASE-certified technicians to ensure that you receive prompt and professional service. Simply give us a call and explain your needs, and your TSA will quickly coordinate a resolution.

Do you offer preventative maintenance?

Yes! National Truck offers preventative maintenance services to ensure that your fleet is optimally cared for. Our professionals can work with you to create a care plan personalized to cover each of your vehicles. We offer 24-hour scheduling, complete repairs, tune-ups, and tire services, as well as competitive pricing. All of our technicians are licensed and insured to give you additional peace of mind.

How can I work to actively avoid rollovers?

While certain conditions may make it impossible to avoid a rollover, commercial drivers do have a range of techniques to help ensure that they stay as safe as possible.

  • Perform safety checks — Always inspect your vehicle before travel, especially in worsening road conditions or terrain. A mechanical failure may put you in unnecessary danger.
  • Pay attention — Regardless of their experience of type vehicle, drivers are in danger when they are not focused on the road. Minimize time spent playing with the radio, put the phone down, and be sure to sleep enough. 
  • Slow down — Big rigs need to conform to all road safety rules and regulations, including speed signs for corners and weather warnings. 
  • Secure your load — Unsecured material can shift in transit, especially during moments of intense movement.